Who is heather from rock of love dating

Bret gets some sad news on the road, and shows some common sense in realizing that a bus full of skanks is not the best environment for someone who's just lost a family member.

- Bret's not feeling a connection with any of the existing girls, so he adds three newbies to the tour.

Who knew that a certain phrase would survive long after it’s inception, but “smashed the homie” definitely has.

On the first season of “For the Love of Ray J,” it was revealed that Monica “Danger” Leon had had a previous relationship with one of Ray J’s friends.

His friends went on to exclaim “she smashed the homie! However, that wasn’t the end of the taunt, as on the second season, when Elle “Luscious” Navarro had revealed that she also had a past with one of Ray’s friends, they began to chant “She smashed the homie” again, leading Luscious to quit the season.

Where our belated reality Easter baskets are filled with punches to the head and drunken smack talk. - Natasha gives Kelsey the beatdown, Ashley is drunk off her ass, at least two former contestants who are not Ashley have gone into rehab, Constandina sticks a sparkly third eye on Bret's bandana, and Riki Rachtman totally needs to buy Mindy a copy of Don't Call That Man! - The girls write lyrics to a Bret Michaels song, and only one is clever enough to incorporate the word "skanks." Meanwhile, dull, catfights, dull, duller.

Riki Rachtman is once again our host, looking more than...

You know the ones, the “Flavor of Loves,” “Rock of Loves,” “I Love New Yorks,” “For the Love of Ray Js,” and “Real Chance of Loves.”In anticipation of “She Got Game,” I decided to go back into the old VH1 archives of their golden era of reality shows and bring you a list of some of the most memorable moments.Whether she was born with them or they were medically created is still up for debate, of course. Many of the girls come to the stage to comfort Destiney, and she give Bret a very genuine and heart felt thank you in regards to giving her family a wonderfully memorable day by taking them all out for a Harley ride.Even Bret tears up and Riki lets viewers know where they can make donations.Now Bret Michaels is looking for that special girl who can compete with his one true love, the insatiable bitch goddess known as Rock & Roll.But what happens when 25 sexy ladies battle each other for an all-access pass to this superstar s heart?She’s still a tranny disaster, but now she’s heard what Aubrey had to say about her during the show and she has a rebuttal.


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