Mom and son dating show

The dater only meets the mother and makes his or her decision solely on their impression of the mother and her descriptions of her child.

The dates are varied and are occasionally geared towards the dater's interests.

The mothers and contestants tend to be very assured of their chances.

Since separating from wife Kailyn Lowry in late 2015 — though the divorce wasn’t officially finalized until about a year later — Javi has been playing the field, most notably dating friends Cassie Bucka and Nancy Giselle.

He also had a short-yet-high-profile fling with “I don’t want to make the same mistakes with prior girls I met,” he said.

Now, Steve and his mother Joann are taking on even their toughest cases yet - couples!

For couples looking to know if their partner really is "the one", there's only one person qualified to tell you the brutal truth of whether you've really met your match and that's Steve Ward.


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