Dog park dating

Ms Pidduck said: “I saw this big dog come towards Bomber. "My dog barked and the other one just picked him up in its mouth and moved him around. The big dog wasn’t doing it in a vicious way but I think he just saw Bomber as a toy.” Ms Pidduck grappled with the mastiff, which wasn’t on a lead, but couldn’t free Bomber until the larger dog threw him on the floor. The nanny took a phone number from the other owner and rushed to her vet.

She later discovered the number doesn’t work and has appealed for witnesses to help.

The Hawkes Way resident has had a tetanus shot after discovering bite marks on her throat and hands. I never thought anything like this could ever happen.

"Something needs to be done and some big dogs need to wear muzzles.” There have been several other dog attacks in Mote Park.

The area is too steep to climb back up, and has a sheer vertical drop below.

Since it was not reachable from the river bottom, lowering a rescuer down and performing a “pick off” was the only option, park police said.

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Bomber, a four-year-old chihuahua, suffered punctured lungs and broken ribs after he was set upon by a mastiff.

Freedom Park was also home to one of the nation's earliest Free Black Settlements in America from 1803-1850.

Three historically accurate recreated cabins are located in the park, and are furnished with items authentic to the period.

He died at Vets4Pets in Sutton Road less than two hours after the attack.

Owner Daisy Pidduck, 21, was walking her dog with her sister Sky near the 18th century boathouse on the northern edge of the park when the attack happened.


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